3 Tips For Renting A Dumpster To Collect Debris When You Tear Down A Fence

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If you're planning to tear out your old fence so you can install a new one, you need a convenient way to deal with all the debris you create. It could be dangerous to leave old fence panels stacked in your yard with nails pointing out, especially if you have kids or pets. A dumpster rental is a good solution since you'll be able to dispose of the panels, nails, and posts as soon as you remove them. Here are some tips for renting a dumpster for fence debris.

1. Ask About The Debris You Can Mix

Before you rent your dumpster, you'll want to know if you can put anything besides wood debris in it. The posts of your fence may be buried in concrete, so you might have concrete you want to throw out. Also, once all the fence debris is in the dumpster, you might want to top off the dumpster with other yard and household debris if you have room, so make sure that's allowable.

2. Choose The Best Size

You can rent small dumpsters that are the perfect size for an old fence. However, you might want advice from the dumpster rental company so you choose the best size for your project. Dumpsters are rated according to volume of debris and the weight you can put in them. The smallest dumpster might be perfect for you, but you might need to stack the wood panels rather than toss them in haphazardly in order to maximize the space.

3. Learn What Triggers Extra Fees

You'll know before you rent your dumpster how much it will cost based on dumpster size and length of your rental. However, in certain cases, the dumpster rental company may have to add extra fees. This happens when you don't follow the terms of your agreement. For instance, you'll probably need to keep all the fence pieces under the top of the dumpster.

If posts or panels stick up higher than the sides of the dumpster, the rental company might not be able to pick the dumpster up, or if they do, they might charge an extra fee. Extra fees might also be added if you exceed the weight limit or if you put in waste that is prohibited. These fees won't take you by surprise when you read and understand the terms of your rental agreement.

You'll also pay more if you need the dumpster longer than expected or if you need to have it dumped and brought back. You can usually keep a dumpster for a few days at a time or even longer, so you can work at your best pace and keep your property tidy as you tear your fence down. Contact a dumpster rental service for more information.